July 22, 2020

We are committed to keeping you informed as the situation with COVID-19 evolves. We would like to thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we continue to slowly and cautiously reopen our Home in a safe and phased-in approach.

Effective June 18th, we began resuming visits for Residents and family under the directives guided by current Ministry of Health requirements per Directive #3 (June 10, 2020) and the Ministry for Seniors Accessibility (MSAA) ‘Reopening Retirement Homes’ (June 11, 2020).

We developed a Visitor Policy and Information Package which clearly outlines procedures, visit parameters and screening protocols based on the principals of safety, emotional well-being, equitable access and flexibility.

As the pandemic situation continues to change, our Visitor Policy will be reassessed and revised to allow for increased or decreased restrictions as necessary, as circumstances change in the community and with new directives.

In order for the Visitor Policy to succeed, this document must be read in its entirety in order for you to fully understand and comply with the requirements for the health and safety of our Residents and Team members. The Covid-19 Visitor Policy and Information Package is available on our website at or you can request the information be sent to you via email.

Below we have outlined the keys aspects of the new Visitor Policy.

Prior to Visiting the Visitor must:

  • Pre-book the visit at least 48 hours in advance by calling Reception (519 941-8433)
  • Only one (1) visitor allowed per Resident
  • Indoor and outdoor visits will be in a designated area
  • Visits will be time-limited to thirty (30) minutes, with one (1) visit per week to allow us time needed to accommodate all requests for visits
  • Each visitor must pass a symptom screening test and temperature check prior to every visit and must arrive ten (10) minutes prior to their appointment to complete the screening process
  • Visitors must refrain from touching the Resident and must always maintain physical distancing requirements (2 meters/6 feet)
  • All visitors must follow the established infection and prevention control protocols (IPAC)
  • Visitors are responsible for bringing their own face covering/mask and must wear it at all times

 Please note that a surgical or procedure mask is required for indoor visits.


Short Stay Absences:

Residents who wish to leave for a short stay absence (e.g., absences with family or friends, shopping, medical appointments, etc.) are permitted to do so if the following requirements are met:

  • Lord Dufferin Centre must NOT currently be in Outbreak
  • If Lord Dufferin Centre allows short absences but enters into an Outbreak, all short absences will stop
  • The Resident must pass active screening every time they re-enter Lord Dufferin Centre. If the Resident does not pass the screening, Lord Dufferin Centre will follow existing isolation policies
  • The Resident must wear a face covering/mask while outside Lord Dufferin Centre and respect physical distancing. The Resident is responsible for supplying a face covering/mask while they are on absences. Lord Dufferin Centre may, at its discretion opt to supply masks for short absences
  • Education on all required protocols for short absences will be provided by Lord Dufferin Centre, (ensuring that the Resident and whoever is taking them out understand that they both need to keep the face covering/mask on at all times, must remain socially distant from each other and others they may encounter in the community, practice good hand hygiene often and adherence to respiratory etiquette including coughing/sneezing in their sleeve)
  • A Resident returning from an absence that includes an overnight stay must, upon return to Lord Dufferin Centre, follow 14-days of enhanced precautions, including:
  • Upon return, pass active screening;
  • Do not receive indoor visitors during the 14 days;
  • Monitor for symptoms;
  • Avoid using common areas; however, if a common area cannot be avoided, the Resident must use a face covering/mask;
  • Limit contact with other Residents;
  • Do not participate in group activities;
  • Wash their hands often (soap and water, or use alcohol-based hand sanitizer);
  • Adhere to respiratory etiquette; and
  • Follow appropriate physical distancing guidelines
  • Residents who are following the 14-day period of enhanced precautions may leave Lord Dufferin Centre for non-overnight absences (e.g.; to buy groceries, or other essentials). Doing so will NOT reset the 14-day time period. However, an overnight stay during the 14-day period will reset the 14-day time period.
  • Any non-adherence to these rules could be the basis for discontinuation of short absences



As of Monday July 13th, we were able to re-open Lou Lou’s Hair Salon, located on the third floor at Lord Dufferin Centre. With all the proper health and safety protocols required, the salon will currently only be open 1 day per week. Appointments can be made at Reception.  

Thank you for your continued understanding, cooperation and compliance with all measures in place due to COVID-19.