We are committed to providing outstanding service for our residents, family members, volunteers and community.



See what people have to say about their Lord Dufferin Centre experience!


Eleanor- Resident

“Living here is so much better than being alone day in and day out in my home. It’s peace of mind knowing that there are people around and things to do to help fill my day. I have met wonderful, new friends since I moved.”

Zeke- Family Member

“My mother is currently at Lord Dufferin Centre. It’s warm and friendly. It’s centrally located to downtown, and they let residents come and go very well without any interference, which is nice when we want to grab a bite to eat. It was important to us to find a place where she feels safe, that also had an approachable staff if she needed anything. We definitely found that at Lord Dufferin Centre.”


“I feel much better mentally, physically and happier since my move to Lord Dufferin Centre, 5 years ago.”


“I am very fortunate to be involved with loyal, dedicated and caring people; which is what Lord Dufferin Centre is all about”.

Eileen- Resident

“The location is perfect! Everything is so close by and convenient for my family and friends to stop in for a visit.”

Terry- Family Member

I would recommend Lord Dufferin to people who want to come here to live, because my mother-in-law has been here for 8 years. Its warm and friendly. It is centrally located to downtown and you can come and go very well without any interference. They do follow up if you are gone longer than you intended. Very safe place, staff is approachable.


“I love the location because Lord Dufferin Centre is right in the middle of Orangeville and near everyone I know”. 


“My favourite part of living here is the atmosphere and friendliness of everyone”.

Murray- Resident

“I was reluctant to leave my home but I was not able to continue with all the maintenance and upkeep. I really was not eating as well as I should and cooking for one was not fun anymore. When I finally made the decision to move to Lord Dufferin Centre I was amazed at how much easier my everyday became. I wish now that I had made the move sooner!”


“I certainly enjoy all the people. I still own my home and came to Lord Dufferin Centre for a short stay but then decided to make it a permanent move”. 


“I just love the staff…they have all become family”. 


“I love the people but I especially love the food and wouldn’t change a single thing”.

Lori M.- Family Member

Four years ago, we had the daunting job of selling mom’s Scarborough home and moving her to Orangeville to be closer to us.  This was an unsettling and scary time.  It was recommended by a friend to visit Lord Dufferin Centre Retirement Residence.  Within five minutes of standing in the beautifully decorated lobby, we could feel the warmth and family atmosphere that we have now come to love.  There was no question it was the right place – Mom consented instantly and said, “I’m ready to move”.

At Lord Dufferin Centre ,Owners’ Dave and Donna Holwell lead a dedicated, caring staff second to none. There is nothing they wouldn’t do to help a Resident at any time, day or night.  Each Resident is valued for who they are and treated always with dignity and respect.  Every effort is made to include them in decision making. With many years of experience the staff are very aware of the needs and preferences of each Resident and will do everything they can to make them comfortable and happy.  There is ongoing dialogue between residents, families and staff which means that needs and goals are continually being addressed.  They are always looking for ways to make improvements and welcome any new suggestions.

The Residents who live at Lord Dufferin Centre have the opportunity to take part in daily activities which meet their social, physical, spiritual and intellectual needs.  While there are simply too many activities and events to mention, some of my mom’s favourites are choir, card and board games, group games, book club, happy hour, movie night, Therapeutic Paws, exercise class, and participating in the many concerts and presentations that take place regularly.  On each special occasion throughout the year, Residents and families come together to celebrate for dinner – always a great time for all!

Lord Dufferin celebrates “Seniors”!  It is a place in which someone is made to feel special and important.  Each opinion or story or concern is valued.  It is a place where people of all ages come together to have fun and enjoy life.  No one is ever alone!  It is inviting and welcoming – a place where new friendships begin.  It is a place to call “home”!