You, or those who love you, believe it’s time that you stop mowing the lawn, shoveling the snow, carrying groceries and worrying about what will happen if you suddenly need help. The question may have come up – how long will or can I live in my current home?

Choosing a retirement residence can be daunting, but it need not be difficult. Like any important decision, it takes time, research and preparation to make the best choice. Doing so will enable you to avoid a rushed decision and the burden of attempting to make a logical choice during an emotionally-charged or physically-distressing period.

Thinking ahead will allow you to make your lifestyle adjustments comfortably. When it comes time to choosing a Retirement Residence, consider all your options and make your choice while the choice is still yours to make.
A Retirement Residence can provide you with solutions for a more simplified, worry-free lifestyle while still maintaining your independence.  Think of the positives:


·        Freedom from maintaining a home

·        Enjoying privacy while knowing someone is aware of your well-being

·        Opportunities for companionship and social interaction

·        Promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle

·        Support and health care services can be accessed, allowing for aging in place

Far too many seniors wait until they experience difficulties with daily activities before they consider their retirement options. This can greatly reduce your choices. You might be very surprised at how much better life can be once you explore retirement living options sooner.

You need to ask yourself some simple questions:


1.   Do you want to remain active but freed from chores and home maintenance?

2.   Is living independently becoming more challenging? Do you feel lonely or isolated?

3.   Is maintaining your current home becoming overwhelming and difficult?

4.   Are daily tasks such as shopping and cooking becoming too much of a burden?

5.   Are you able to meet your personal care needs?

6.   Are you worried about falling or becoming ill and not being able to access help?

If you have answered “yes” to any of these questions, you may want to consider starting your search into retirement living options today! By planning and researching now you will soon discover that moving to a Retirement Residence is a sound investment in living an active and fulfilling life!