Here is what some of  our residents and volunteers have to say…

“I love the location because Lord Dufferin Centre is right in the middle of Orangeville and near everyone I know”. – Vivian-Resident

“I just love the staff…they have all become family”. Marg-Resident

“I find Lord Dufferin Centre very peaceful which lets me get the rest when I need it but also I can join in on all the activities when I want the socialization”.  Dorothy-Resident

“I certainly enjoy all the people. I still own my home and came to Lord Dufferin Centre for a short stay but then decided to make it a permanent move”. – Nora-Resident

“I feel much better mentally, physically and happier since my move to Lord Dufferin Centre, 5 years ago.” – Bill-Resident

My favourite part of living here is the atmosphere and friendliness of everyone”. Irene-Resident

 “I love the people but I especially love the food and wouldn’t change a single thing”. Paul-Resident

“I am very fortunate to be involved with loyal, dedicated and caring people; which is what Lord Dufferin Centre is all about”.

Lori Morgan –Family Member

Dennis Hall  

Joyce Fife 

Orma Hutchison

Marjory Morphy