Senior Community Builders


Lord Dufferin Centre would like to congratulate our Senior Community Builders; Doc Gillies, Don Voisey, Ronnie Inglis, Dave McCleary, Dr. David Scott, Cheryle Hamilton and Dave Holwell for their outstanding contributions! Presentation of the Orangeville Sesquicentennial Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Community with Mayor Rob Adams.




Tree sculpture created to honour Erna Baniulis


Erna Baniulis, Dave and Donna Holwell

A new tree sculpture has been added to Orangeville’s Art Walk of Tree Sculptures, to honour Erna Baniulis on her 90th birthday. The sculpture, entitled “Helping Hands and Caring Hearts”, symbolizes Mrs. Baniulis career as a nurse and caring for seniors in the Orangeville community.

Erna Baniulis, originally from Danzig, was a Red Cross nurse during the war and she immigrated to Canada in 1953. She worked at a hospital in Kenora for a year before moving to Toronto where she worked at the Queen Street Mental Health Hospital and later hatched her business plan to open a nursing home somewhere in Ontario. Erna and husband George discovered Orangeville in 1966 and they started up the Elizabeth Nursing Home (named after her mother) at 15 Faulkner Street. Along with her business partner, she developed the Lord Dufferin Centre in Orangeville, and two long term care residences in Ontario. She sold her partnership interests in 2006 but maintains ownership of the Lord Dufferin Centre where she resides. During her career, Mrs. Baniulis has served on many committees to address the needs of local seniors. She was a strong advocate of continuing education for her staff and assisted with one of the community’s first health care aide courses. She was also a past recipient of the Dr. David Scott Award for her contributions.

It’s such a wonderful and thoughtful gesture for the family to honour Mrs. Baniulis in this way,” said Mayor Rob Adams, noting that she has contributed to the community and seniors in many ways over the years. “The community will appreciate the sentiment and tribute behind this unusual and beautiful sculpture.”

Mrs. Baniulis’s daughter, Donna Holwell says the tree sculpture contributes to the Town’s art program and is a lasting tribute for her mother.